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A New Game-Based Learning Ecosystem with Superpowers

The research and hard facts cannot be disputed that Game-Based Learning (GBL) has profound positive effect on educational outcomes.  Our powerful online GBL platform, empowers educators with an innovative method of “interactive” teaching that aligns with the modern digital era, and students remain engaged in the learning process.  Students can gain access to this fun learning experience from anywhere on their desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices.  This takes the educational process to a whole new level and is truly a digital literacy game changer!  


SchoolDoku was the brainchild idea from a group of tenured teachers, student feedback and partnership with a software developer that brought it to life.  If you could believe it, it was over dinner one night approximately a year ago that a group of us (while breaking bread and having wine…lol) discussed the frustration that teachers faced in keeping students engaged and motivated in the learning process.  Finally and after many laborious months of research, development and testing, we are excited to finally make SchoolDoku a reality. 

Digital game-based learning on tablet.


Learning that Takes the “Work” Out of Homework

Studies show that an interactive and immersive game-based learning environment can increase student’s engagement in the educational process.  As students increasingly lose interest in traditional classroom learning methods and can become bored very quickly, our platform provides a fun and interactive solution to improve student motivation, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Game-based learning educational outcomes

Learning is Fun With Image-Based Sudoku Games

Our powerful digital game-based learning system (called “SchoolDoku”) harnesses the globally popular Sudoku game, and is played with the use of images and icons in place of numbers.  Our research revealed that Sudoku as a custom digital game-based learning platform, would be perfect in creating an engaging and fun learning experience.  With our platform, students can be challenged on virtually any subject as they arrange the images on a grid of 9 x 9 spaces without repeating any of them in any row, column or square.  These are the same game rules as traditional Sudoku, which students would already be familiar with.


Digital game-based learning with SchoolDoku


Fully Customizable & Engaging Gaming Experience

With absolutely nothing like it anywhere else, the robust and advanced features of our platform allows for full customization and control of each game with different branding, images, background wallpaper, colors, sounds, quizzes, videos, game complexity levels, game start/end dates and so much more.  There’s also option for including banner ads to promote special messaging, which can be monetized to feature offers from game sponsors; such as the local pizzeria.


For added fun, excitement and additional motivation, prizes can be awarded to students with highest game scores.  Through our months of research and feedback from students while the platform was being developed, the opportunity to win prizes while playing the games increased engagement significantly.  All game scores are displayed next to the game board for students to see, and are tracked and stored on the system’s Admin backend.


Digital game-based learning Admin dashboard. 

Admin Backend Dashboard

How it Works

When a gaming “period” is launched, students are required to register before they can login to play the game by visiting a special URL or scanning a QR code with their mobile device .  All registration information (name, email, etc.) is stored in a database, which teachers can access at any time and use to monitor engagement and contact the students.  When students login and immerse themselves in playing, they are presented with a series of quiz questions.  These questions are fully customized by teachers to reinforce learning on any subject.  The questions will appear in a popup window and must be answered correctly or the student will be penalized.


Digital game-based learning quiz questions


Students are also further penalized for incorrectly placing images on the game board.  The timing of the popup window for each question, the level of penalty for each incorrect answer, and the number of allowed incorrect images on the game board can also be controlled by teachers via the backend Admin dashboard.  The games can also include low stakes competition and provide a more collaborative and engaging experience  – especially for students who may struggle to focus or find their niche in learning.


Try Out the Demo Game Here!

It is recommended that you register as a new user to get a feel for the entire student registration process.  You can also use the following credentials to login and play the demo – Email:, Password: 12345678

 The complexity level of the demo game has been set to “extremely easy” and the game can be completed simply by correct placement of 2 board images. 


Game-Based Learning to Enhance Traditional Classroom Instruction

Teachers are increasingly using games and gaming principles to enhance traditional classroom instruction.  SchoolDoku can be the perfect companion to current curricula and can also be effectively used for small group instruction and after school activities.  Teachers, parents, tutors and virtually any educational institution public or private, can now make a profound and measurable difference in the learning process for students across any grade level.  Digital game-based learning is an “on-the-go” educational solution and literally places the learning experience in the palms and fingers of students’ hands!

Digital game-based learning on-the-go 

Take your next lesson plan to new heights.  We invite you to make a difference for your school or teaching environment and join us on the journey of digital tech-based teaching to keep students engaged, motivated and improve their educational outcomes.


Leveraging Technology and Partnerships to Improve Learning Worldwide

Our mission with SchoolDoku is to create a unique, fun and interactive educational experience with a digital game-based learning environment that can be accessed via the Internet worldwide.  Through partnerships with various learning institutions (public and private), global school system boards, departments of education, and sponsors, we will commit to constantly improving our platform to scale across every continent around the globe.  SchoolDoku is only a scratch on the surface of our forward thinking mindset.  Our tenured team of teachers and ongoing student feedback will enable us to develop other digital game-based learning systems that continue to solve for the global shift in education.  A digital game-based learning “memory game” is already under development and partners (or early adopters) of SchoolDoku will receive FREE LIFETIME access.   


Digital game-based learning.     

Limited Opportunity for LIFETIME access to the Platform

For an extremely limited time and a very reasonable one-time setup fee (small donation for your support and ongoing maintenance), we are offering LIFETIME license to the platform.  What this means is that you will be able to create UNLIMITED game-based learning sessions with all the features aforementioned as well as receive FREE ongoing system updates and FREE LIFETIME license to our memory digital game-based learning platform once it’s released.  Once the limit of lifetime licenses has been reached, they will only be available through a monthly/annual subscription and the memory digital game-based learning system will be part of a separate subscription.


          Join Us on the Journey and Support the Global Shift in Education

Reach out to us today for your LIFETIME license to use the platform for your school or specific teaching environment.  The platform can be customized to align with innovative pedagogy and digital literacy across all grade levels.  Check out the demo game here.

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